About us

Who we are?

We are a trading company specializing in buying, selling and brokering poppy. Our customers include major companies and producers of poppy filling with a long tradition on the Czech and other foreign markets.


About poppy

Opium poppy / Papaver somniferum / has been cultivated for several thousand years. Poppy is widely used especially in the preparation of poppy pastries and poppy filling.

Poppy growing has a long tradition in the territory of the Czech republic and Slovakia. More than four fifths of production is exported mainly in Slavic countries where poppy is a traditional delicacy.

Countries with tradition of poppy cultivation:
Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, France, Spain, Turkey, Australia

big - bag: 1000 kg
paper bag: 25 kg
polypropylene bag: 50 kg

Poppy oil

Poppy oil is 100% cold pressed from poppy seeds. It is free of any artificial preservatives and colour additives. It contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. The use is suitable for massages, relieves cramps and headaches. It also calms the nervous system. It is suitable for consumption as well. Try taking a spoon of this oil before bedtime. In the cold kitchen, you can add it to salads.


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František Ičo
managing director

Masimo s.r.o.
Ruskovská 6
075 01 Trebišov
Slovenská republika

E-mail: ico@masimo.sk
Phone: 00421 905 837 462


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